Monday, May 23, 2011

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Economy of Germany 

As a student who majors Global Studies, the country of Germany is quite interesting object for economic approach.

Because Germany is the largest exporter in the world, and the second top trader (import+export,), students in economic major possibly have interests in the country’s economic system 

One thing I was really impressed in our program description was that the cost for food per day is about $50. It is not very expensive, but we usually don’t spend that much, even if we eat in restaurants for all three meals. 

It brought me a question that why the price is higher than spending in any other countries. It is possibly one of these: high price level, high taxation on food (assume that especially food is expensive), or high price for agriculture land use or transportation. I think it would be just Germany has a high price level and if it’s true, I want to research more about its economy or commercialism.

GDP (2009 nom.): $3.339 trillion.
Annual growth rate: (2010 est.) 3.5%; (2009) -4.7%; (2008) 1.7%.
Per capita GDP (2009 nom.): $44,525.
Inflation rate (September 2010): 1.3%.
Unemployment rate (October 2010): 7.5%.
Agriculture (0.9% of GDP in 2010): Products--corn, wheat, potatoes, sugar, beets, barley, hops, viticulture, forestry, fisheries.
Industry (26.8% of GDP in 2010): Types--car-making; mechanical, electrical, and precision engineering; chemicals; environmental technology; optics; medical technology; biotech and genetic engineering; nanotechnology; aerospace; logistics.
Trade (2009): Exports--$1.124 trillion: chemicals, motor vehicles, iron and steel products, manufactured goods, electrical products. Major markets (2009)--France, Netherlands, U.S. Imports--$937 billion: food, petroleum products, manufactured goods, electrical products, motor vehicles, apparel. Major suppliers--Netherlands, China, France.

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