Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visual Assignment #2

Visual Assignment 2.
                As once we talked about, I(or we) had expected to learn German languages while staying in Berlin. I think that understanding a culture starts from its languag, so I thought I could learn about the culture with trying to speak their language. It depends on the personal effort to try learning language though, but I only know less than five expressions such as Hi, Thanks, Bye and so on. Also, I think if I came directly from Korea, not as a member of an American group, I might try more to speak Germann language.
As our professor explained, I agree that it is about the economic power of the U.S. I have thought that I could some basic things in German language such as buying something at a store or asking direction, but even if I asked a simple questions to someone in German, people answered me back in English. We tried to speak German at the first time, but it is much easier to use English even for the German people who we talked to, so we were getting not to speak German. It happens in Korea too, when someone who is from the U.S, or any English speaking country, then Korean people also try to speak English. And what I was surprised is that more than half of German people (I have seen) speak English and most of them are pretty fluent.
The image that I chose is taken at a cafĂ© near Chandan’s place, which is not really in travel area, but they also have English in the menu. It is exactly what I couldn’t expect before, but after I got used to German people’s English fluency, I understood it.